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CDMX, March 14, 2018
Dandy Couture
high fashion mexican-italian exhibition in Anáhuac University with IED, artisan of Oaxaca and RACU asociation


Oaxaca, Febrary 7, 2018
Thanks 2017 for the doble mexican texitl project:
El Telar (the loom) con RACU

HAPPY 2018 that started with
3° SysKrack in Messico with from planes eaand many Maddalena and girlfriend Valentina de Peps


Oaxaca, Sept. 30, 2017
I've celebrated my

September 15, 1997
September 15, 2017
right on the Mexican
Independence eve Day
with the presentation of
new projects with RACU
at the cultural café PAXX
in Yautepec, Morelos


Feltre, June 3, 2017
1° Adunata ERASMUS
Dolomiti 2017

Saturday, July 8, 2017


Feltre, June 2, 2017
Itinerant project:
Bolzano, Roma, Siena,
Brescia and Feltre (BL):

"The loom, permanence
handmade textile
as a carrier of Culture"


Oaxaca, May 8th 2017
Waiting FAI Paragliding
World Championship
MonteAvena 2017 in
Mexico with the Ambassador
Sunday 14th may
in Chipilo, Puebla

thrusday 18th in the
Cultural Italian Institute

in México City


Oaxaca april 3, 2017
Artisan design,
tool for promotion
of Popular Art

at MACO museum
Oaxaca, thrusday
april 27, 7 pm


Oaxaca, january 15
Fiesta Cultural Italiana
en Oaxaca, sunday
february 19


Yautepec, Morelos
25th december 2016
year of 15° Paragliding
world championship
in Dolomiti and Venezia


Oaxaca, 22nd october
Photographic Review
of project:
"Spinning between symbols and signs of mexican textile art 2016"

Oaxaca, june 14th
Turrismo presents in
TUMIN fairs':
Nacional in Papantla
July 15-16-17, 2016
co-organiser in
Teotitlán, Oaxaca
August 6-7, 2016

Turrimo is back, march 2016

HAPPY 2015
abrogacion year of currencies with interest!
Remembering Pino, who passed away in 2014,
the centenary and sanctification year of Granny Antonietta Saccaro in Faoro.
Yautepec, Morelos,
December 26, 2014

Yautepec (Morelos),
10 de febrero 2014
Check in past and future events of cultural colective Grafica Maya.

HAPPY 2014
Year of the Tree
and Death:
to remember our dear loved ones and win the paralyzing fear to die!
Many events planning: Viajando en México con Peps, mural y más eventos en su memoria January 18 to 26, for 30 years of Peps (México City, Oaxaca, Mazunte and San Cristóbal de Las Casas); February 13 Maya's Event with Antún Kojtom en Villa Milpa Alta (Mexican Federal District); March 1 to 8 invited at the Festival of Cultures Mexico-Italy "Mahahual Cruzando Fronteras" (Quintana Roo, Mexico) April CENTENARY of the birth of the super granny Antonietta (Italy and Europe)! And others to Cesare, Peps ...


The son of Turrismo was born!
Yuian Angel Turra Osorio
Monday, November 18, 2013
Mexico City
Mom is right!
Marco is like a Pope!


Oaxaca (Oaxaca)
25th august 2013
After the Antun Kojtom's events in Tepoztlán and Cuernavaca in the mexican state of Morelos and the Gráfica Maya's Festival in San Cristóbal, in septiember Turrismo is going back to Chiapas organizing the Artistic Meeting with Oaxaca during the 2° international congres in UNACH and in october in Taxco (Guerrero) for "Formas de Espiritualidad Maya" by Antún Kojtom! Follow us in Ch'ulellll

Jardines de Santa Clara, Ecatepec, 5 may 2013

Marco in New York
from 6 to 17 may using maestro Antun's engraving as money (others pieces of paper, but artistic, without interest, cultural, with growing value and Ch'ulel)

Exhibition, conference and colective mural of Antún in Tepoztlán (Morelos), from 25 may up to 2 june! in the literature cafe "La Sombra del Sabino" and in the "Ixcatepec's Home of Culture"

Tlaltizapan (Morelos, Mexico) 27th march 2013
Since the end of august Marco is back in Mexico to fight for a better world through Art ... so we are pleasure to invite you 25th May 2013 in the pueblo magico of Tepoztlan for the conference and exhibition of Antun Kojtom, the maya-tzeltal contemporary artist of Chiapas!

Feltre, 1st August 2012
Turrismo, during the weekend of the Palio di Feltre 3 to 5 August 2012, (you can see a good and short trailer) advise to reach Feltre going on the Dolomiti Cultural Tour, a journey outside the mass tourism, visiting some members of the new tourist association Dolomiti Prealpi to discover the flavors and the people of our beautiful and preserved Dolomites area.

Dolomiti Cultural Tour you can pay part of it, with the people's voucher SCEC, Sereno and mexican Túmin!


  1. Marco Turra, charter member
  2. Ivano Metti, charter member
  3. Gianni Antonio Parlanti, charter member
  4. Patrick Turra, charter member
  5. Roberto Antole, charter member
  6. Giancarlo Pedote, first honorary and dues-paying member
  7. Marco Tonet, honorary and benemerito member
  8. Andrea Zatta, regolar member
  9. Lorenzo Marchioro, honorary and dues-paying member
  10. Marco Savioli, honorary and dues-paying member
  11. Edoardo Carniel, honorary and dues-paying member
  12. Alberto Acuto, honorary and dues-paying member
  13. Elisa Gamba, honorary and dues-paying member
  14. Paola Artusa, honorary and dues-paying member
  15. Faoro Beppina, honorary and dues-paying member
  16. Turra Angelo, honorary and dues-paying member
  17. Alessandro Maliardi, honorary and dues-paying member
  18. Marie Nadal, honorary and dues-paying member
  19. Cesare Dalfreddo, honorary and benemerito member
  20. Antun Kojtom Lam benemerito member
  21. Giuliano Pellegrino honorary and dues-paying member
  22. Katrine honorary member
  23. Paolo Mariotti, honorary and dues-paying member
  24. Morga, honorary member
  25. Stefano "Vincent" Mollo, honorary and dues-paying member
  26. Carmela Gioia, honorary and dues-paying member
  27. Carla Fleischli Caporale member
    journalist, writer, "life coach"
  28. Giuseppe Porsia, honorary and dues-paying member
  29. Javier Esteban Carbonell, honorary and dues-paying member
    Aragonese in the world
  30. Francesco Collevecchio honorary member
  31. Milena Catalano, honorary and dues-paying member
  32. Miguel Ángel García Cordero, honorary and dues-paying member
  33. Filippo Petracca, honorary member
  34. Elena Ivanova Dimitrova, honorary and dues-paying member
  35. Matteo Marrucci, honorary and dues-paying member
  36. Domenico "Mimmo" Ialeggio, honorary and dues-paying member
  37. Valentina Scipioni, honorary and dues-paying member
  38. Gianpaolo Casula, honorary member
  39. Martino Bonato, honorary member
  40. Nevio Meneguz, benemerito member
  41. Daniela Turra, honorary member
  42. Simone Tibolla, honorary member
  43. Ketty Scopel, honorary member
  44. Flavio Marchioro, honorary and dues-paying member
  45. Andrea Donà "Pinky", honorary and dues-paying member
  46. Mary Trizio, honorary honorary and dues-paying member
  47. Vanni Fioret, honorary member
  48. Luca de Paoli, honorary member
  49. Oscar Dalla Longa, honorary member
  50. Matteo Sebben, honorary member
51. Riccardo Fontanive, honorary member
52. Nicolò Doglioni, honorary member
53. Michele Sanvido, honorary and dues-paying member
54. Marta Cundari, honorary member
55. Dalfreddo Alberto, honorary member
56. Jorge Jose Martín Segura, honorary and dues-paying member
57. Cecilia Cinelli, honorary member
58. Giovanni Vittadini, honorary member
59. Pasquale Garios, honorary member.
60. Claudio Morrano, honorary member
61. Cappelletti Alberto, honorary and dues-paying member
62. Viviana Merotto,honorary and dues-paying member
63. Mickael Soussant, honorary member
64. Florent Manotta, honorary member
65. Sandra Lilian Guerrero Gonzalez, honorary member
66. Roberto Fazio, honorary member
67. Franco Turrin, honorary member
68. Daiana Salucci, honorary member
69. Monia Polesana, honorary and dues-paying member
70. Giulio Milani, honorary and dues-paying member
71. Pietro Tonin, honorary and dues-paying member
72. Luca Zatta, honorary and dues-paying member
73. Marco Martini, honorary member
77. Piergiorgio Vispi, honorary member
78. Francesco Barbarinaldo, honorary and dues-paying member
79. Kairika Karsna, honorary and dues-paying member
83. Fabrizio Pat, honorary member
84. Michele Visentin, honorary member
85. Patricia Zotti, member
86. Riccardo Appolloni, member
87. Chiara Migliori, member
Damiano'sister, vice president ESN Italy 2001, B&B in Roma
92. Cazzador Matteo, honorary member
99. Davide Mancuso, honorary member Web and Graphic Design
100. Barbara Bomsembiante, honorary member
102. Valerio Noviello, honorary and dues-paying member
103. Stefania Salucci, honorary and dues-paying member
106. Pietro Gallina, honorary member
107. Julio Costa, honorary member
108. Carlo Loria, honorary member
109. Jocivaldo Santos Silva, honorary member
110. Thaiane Santana Pinho, honorary member
111. Thais Viviane De S.Muniz, honorary member
112. Carlos Jodson Nascimento Ferreira, honorary member
113. Diane De Morais, honorary member
114. Simona Alessio, honorary member
115. Elena Bonaccorsi, honorary member
116. Valeria Tartaglia, honorary and dues-paying member
117. Alessandra Caturelli, honorary member
118. Pancino Gioia, regolar member
119. Celine Vivier, honorary and dues-paying member
120. Andrea Mignolo, honorary member
121. Valentina Morea Milia, honorary member
122. Pasquale Ambra, honorary member
123. Julie Depasse, honorary member
124. Cinzia Citi, honorary member
125. Susan Callaby, honorary and dues-paying member
126. Alioscia Lombardini, honorary and dues-paying member
127. Orazio Fazzina, honorary member
128. Marco Verdicchio, honorary and dues-paying member
129. Francesco De Leo, honorary and dues-paying member
130. Federico Amato, honorary and dues-paying member
131. Marco Segreto, honorary and dues-paying member
132. Enrico Mazzon, honorary member
133. Ana Rodrigues Maciel, honorary member
134. Michela Bortolazzi, honorary member
135. Antoine Marin, honorary member
136. Florencia Fernandez, honorary member
137. Karen Odriozola, honorary member
138. Gianluca Calmo, honorary member
139. Cristina Prest, honorary member
140. Carlo Visentin, honorary member
141. Sara Camilli, honorary member
142. Chiara Paganini, honorary member
143. Mandy, honorary member
144. Benjamin Argumento, honorary member
145. Ernersto Moises Cardenal Solis, honorary member
146. Abraham Emilio Valverde Garduño, honorary member
320. Paola y Martin honorary members
321. Julia y Fernando honorary members