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Athens 2004
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Athens 2004, August 13-29

These Olympic Games were a great success for Turrismo: I finally managed to make a sense of my website that had remained without a change for 2 years, appeared on the first page of the Gazzettino Bellunese and, most of all, taking the pleasure of having my friends read the diary and look at the many photos that - with the fundamental help of my fantastic girlfriend Kairika - we took and put online.

Being a volunteer inside the Olympic Stadium gave me the permission to assist both the of opening and the closing ceremonies, watch some of the athletic competitions and with the identity pass it was possible to make it to the semifinals and finals of basketball, and also to the headquarters of the Italians - Casa Italia - which was reserved only for the athletes and giornalists.

The most beautiful were the evenings of the second week, Athens was finally overrun by masses of Greeks, tourists, the passioned fans, supporters, all united in the great wish to have parties until the morning.

And all this spending little - the only tickets I bought were those of football for 10 euro each. I subrented the appartment with the lowest prices, if not for free during the last days, when the rent was covered, the transport for free for the volunteers, restaurants-tavernas costing less than 10 euro and the olympic backage that was given to us with the uniform.

Another attempt to have a life that you want with little money, long live turrismo!!!