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Top Best Fotos of Athens 2004
Best selection Olimpic Games: 4-26 agosto
Best selection Olimpic Games: 26 agosto - 1 settembre
Ritorno, Atene-Siena
30 Agosto, Goodbye Greece and meeting GIANNA Angelopoulos
28 Agosto, seeing basketball FINALS and being under ATTACK
27 Agosto, seeing basketball semiFINAL Italy-Lithuania and going to beach party
26 Agosto, a night in Casa Italia with waterpolo "Settebello Rosa"
25 Agosto, a day in stadium and meeting CATHY FREEMAN
24 Agosto, seeing football Italia-Argentina and party with Italian Drink Team Torino
23 Agosto, a morning in stadium and night in Casa Italia
22 Agosto, a Sunday
21 Agosto, seeing football match Mali-Italy
20 Agosto, a day spent in olympic stadium
19 Agosto, going to the beach with Cristof and meeting JIMMY JUMP
18 Agosto, seeing football match Paraguay-Italy
17 Agosto, a party with Mexicans
16 Agosto, a night in Casa Italia
15 Agosto, seeing basketball match Italy-New Zealand with Ross
14 Agosto, going for a dinner in Stefano's house and party in Casa Olandese
Video of Italian team
12 Agosto, the arrival of Davide, Andrea, Oscar and Diego, the torch relay
11 Agosto, meeting Marina and going to Brazilian party
9-10 Agosto, the arrival of Riccardo and meeting George of the Internet Cafè
8 Agosto, Stefanie and Kairika in National Gardens
7 Agosto, sightseeing with Stefanie
6 Agosto, around in Athens
5 Agosto, getting ACCREDITATION
La nostra casa