WELCOME in Turrismo, where friends and time are much more value than money!

All the friends that are working or worked for Turrismo are volonteer, that was the wish (Fai carità) of my dear grany Antonietta, to whom the website is dedicated! THANKS EVERYBODY!!!
Turrismo a social association

with the aim to promote the tourism in our beautiful land Feltre and the Bellunesi Dolomiti. Creatig a new website, organising tours (week endone Antonietta), parties, meetings and other events to bring more people here!


Turrismo's Art in Chiapas-Mexico
where i done and organised internships to help the indigenous association of Maya painters of Bonbajel Mayaetik" in San Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas-Mexico. In spanish language.
Turrismo Philosofy
LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, and not only - IT IS EASY, we just like to make it complicated!!!

Why do we always need more and more?

A place to stay, something to eat and some good friends - that’s what you need!!

Turrismo doesn’t ask you for anything, doesn’t pretend anything, it just wants to remind you to believe in Your Dreams and to try to make your living with something you would enjoy doing for free!!


Marco Turra
foto, Curriculum, olympic games,

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