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Siena, July 16, 2004


The first important date for Turrismo is approaching - in less than one month the Olympic Games of Athens will start, and that is exactly why I want to reach through my site to many old and new friends I have met during travelling, studying and working - to make a big party together and change good ideas on the way!

Give me your time of arrival in Athens, and I will tell you where, when and with whom!!
In order to make my 3 participations in the olympics more special I'm not only going to volunteer, but also make a radio programm in Radio FacoltÓ di Frequenza to tell you about the olympics and the many parties where we have to participate.

The interviews with famous athletes like the captain of the Italian basketball team Giacomo Galanda and the legendary Cathy Freeman who won gold medal in 400 metres and was the symbol of the previous olympic games in Sydney 2000.

Listen to the original version interview with the nice and easygoing Cathy that she even payed the phone call from Australia!

For me the olympic games have become a reason for living - taking place in every 4 years they are the biggest of all events you can ever organize and always take you to a different part of the world!!

Olympic Marco

I'll wait for you all !!!!