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LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, and not only - IT IS EASY, we just like to make it complicated!!!

Why do we always need more and more?

A place to stay, something to eat and some good friends - that’s what you need!!

Turrismo doesn’t ask you for anything, doesn’t pretend anything, it just wants to remind you to believe in Your Dreams and to try to make your living with something you would enjoy doing for free!!

It was thanks to my Grandmother Antonietta, to whom my web is dedicated, that I discovered that LOVE is much more important that money.

Follow Your Dreams whatever your age is - they are the engine of your life!!!


I am happy because I have all, or maybe I have nothing, this is a question of the perspecitve, but in any case I am happy.

I think I have all because I have clothes to put on, three meals a day, a room with a bed to sleep in, friends, relatives, seasonal work that I like, an old car and finally a laptop, but more than anything health, lots of will to live and objectives to reach in the company of my girlfriend.

Somebody, however, could tell me that I have nothing - I do not have a house, nor a new car, nor stability in my work, nor children, nor fashion clothes, nor lots of money.

I am not really interested in who is right, this is a question of the perspective, because I am in any case happy!

How long will last this beautiful feeling?
1 month?
1 year?
All life?

I do not know, but I am an irreversible optimist!