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Download the interview with Cathy Freeman from here

The webpage of the University of Siena distributed these news:

Cathy Freeman talks about herself in radio FacoltÓ di Frequenza
Cathy Freeman, an athlete of Australian aborigine origins and the winner of gold medal of 400 metres in the Olympic Games of Sydney 2000, has given an exclusive interview to the radio FacoltÓ di Frequenza.
For Australians Freeman is a symbol of sports, she was also the person to light the calderone in the Olympic Games of Sydney.
The athlete with her victory in Sydney became also the symbol of the raise of the aborigine people and of the old nation who cried seeing her holding two flags, one of Australia and the other of aborigine. The interview, where the athlete is telling about her career, the end of her active sport life, her present projects of charity is broadcasted on Thursday, July 29 at 10.30 in the program run by Marco Turra, Atene-Oh 2004, which with this interview will reach to its end from Siena.

Cathy Freeman was the culmination of my programme but I also interviewed Giacomo Galanda the captain of the National basketball team, Patrick Ndaysenga del Burundi who participated in Sydney 2000, Prof. Marco Bonifazi, the president of the Medical Commission of Italian Swim Federation and live broadcast from the World Junion Championship in Grossetto where the Italian Howe Besozzi made a record of the year.

I hope to continue the programme, no longer in Radio FdF (www.radiofacoltadifrequenza.it) but in another: Radio Siena (www.radiosiena.com) and maybe also write comments on the weekly magazine of Siena "La voce del Campo".

All this has followed the spirit of Turrismo, without being paid, lets say for the time being!


Siena, 29 july, 2004