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Sydney 2000
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To be there in SYDNEY 2000 as a volonteer had been the biggest dream i realised in my life!

Since june 1994 when Sydney won, i promised to my self that i will be there!

6 years with this goal in my mind!! and by myself i went to the other side of the world!

You have no idea how much energy it's still giving me nowadays to have done it!
When i have to do something difficult i think: come on Marco! you went to australia alone to be part of the Games, come on Marco! you can easily do also this one!!

As spectator service assistent volonteer in the Olimpic Stadium for the morning the very very important night: 25th sept 2000 i hid myself in the toilette and later saw Cathy Freeman winning the GOLD MEDAL!!unbelievable!
In 2004 i met her in Rome for the torch relay and later she gave me this interview. She is a very fantastic person!