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Siena, 2004

With this page I would like to present you some of my friends and associations that one way or another have something that can come as useful for you.

For those who love sea and sailing, the dearest friend, met in Guatemala, www.giancarlopedote.it a skipper if not a writer and a philosopher in search for a sponsor in order to make on his own a trip around the world.

For those, who want to learn or improve italian next to the beach with the most beautiful sea www.italjonio.it with brothers of Giorgio and Gene.

Do you want to come to Tuscany for a holiday? The agency www.sienaholiday.com that I opened together with Alioscia will welcome you always with favourable prices and suggestions.

If you start your studies in Siena, pass by our association www.gruppoerasmussiena.it in order to be integrated to the social life and then being part of the national network www.esn.it

and the international one www.esn.org

we have contacts all around Europe! Contact also with the virtual community of Caffè Erasmus www.caffeerasmus.it

If you want to take a challenge of big projects, make a tour in Europe and not only, with the captain Salvatore of www.magellanoproject.org you can join us, in 2003 we visited 16 countries in less than 2 months.

In order to listen to music online www.facoltadifrequenza.it where I was and maybe do again a dj, the radio of my university www.unisi.it

For those who like health and fitness www.benessere.com with 10.000 free pages, you can take a look at the suggestions of a couple I met in the beach.

Other sites suggested by my friends:

In this page you find all economic airline companies: www.zingarate.com